Jun 11

Basic packet crafting

Posted by Dragos Draghicescu

Ok, this will be a short one :) . I just want to raise attention on how can one bypass an extended (or standard) ACL (or access-list).

So, for this example, i have one router with an IP address of, which can be accessed only by the admin, only from That is done with an inbound ACL, put on the egress interface of the router. Looks like this:

Extended IP access list 111
20 permit ip host host log

There is a little problem with spoofing: the return traffic has to be routed back to the attacker. But everything will work just fine if you happen to be in the same network with the admin (you can achieve bidirectional communication). In case the attack is done over the Internet, there is still the possibility of a DOS (Denial Of Service), by sending tons of packets that will be accepted. I assumed another thing: your ISP does not check for the source of the packets (DOS attacks are less frequent if that simple measure is taken).

For the demonstration, i chose a well-known packet crafter named HPING3. It allows one to customize a packet at different layers and it`s well documented, but for now we will only use a fraction of it`s power:

$ sudo hping3 -S -a

The result could be:

*Mar 1 05:52:01.702: %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP:
list 111 permitted tcp ->, 360 packets

To check the amount of pings, you can issue the command “show ip traffic | section ICMP“. You can “clear ip traffic” before that.

Despite this, ACLs are still adding a serious amount of security to your network. But in front of a determined attacker, one should do more than that in order to have a healthy network.

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